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To a professional buyer agent, subscribing to the federation is a pledge of quality, transparency and ethics.

The Federation emphasizes the ethics and the professionalism of FFCI subscribers. This is what makes FFCI buyer agents stand out from non-affiliates.

In order to improve its competency and consistent support of its members, the FFCI offers counseling and representation to other collaborators in the profession as well as the means to differentiate themselves from other buyer agents to the general public.

As a professional organization, the FFCIis concerned with the proper representation and the promotion of the interests des buyer agents. This dedication allows us a privileged relationship with public authorities and, as a recognized economic entity, to closely monitor the promotion of the profession throughout the real estate environment.

A seal of quality, symbolized by the logo of the Federation, is a pledge of quality assurance for the consumer and a means for the member to promote his or her knowledge, ethics and professionalism.

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