The Buyer Agent's Code of Ethics

  1. Members of the FFCI commit to carrying a regularly renewed Carte Professionnelle Transaction (license to sell real estate delivered by the CCI) and are bonded and insured.
  2. Members of the FFCI commit to honoring law number 70-9, dated the 2nd of January 1970, known as the Hoguet law, which regulates the real estate profession and specifically prohibits the collection of any sort of fees prior to the completion of a mission and the lifting of suspensory conditions or the closing.
  3. Members of the FFCI commit to drafting a Buyer Agency Agreement, a written search contract between the represented parties and to honoring its contractual terms.
  4. Members of the FFCI commit to using their resources for the full satisfaction of the client; their primary goal being REAL ESTATE SEARCHES. However, within the realm of full service provided to the client, they may also sell real estate via a Sales Agreement.
  5. Members of the FFCI commit to communicating with their client on a regular basis on the progress of their mission, transmitting detailed reports of the properties selected, accompanying the clients to showings and advising them to the best of their knowledge in order to serve their interests throughout the purchasing procedure.
  6. Members of the FFCI commit to respecting the complete confidentiality of the client’s personal information and refraining from disclosing information on properties visited, aside from information communicated to their purchasers.
  7. Members of the FFCI commit to complete transparency concerning their activities and to establishing a climate of total confidence with real estate professionals.
  8. Members of the FFCI commit to honoring the code of ethics and promoting the image of buyer agency so that the profession can evolve in a positive and long lasting manner.