The FFCI Buyer Agent

Buyer Agency as a profession began at the turn of the 21st century and has profoundly revolutionized the real estate profession.

Acknowledged as true partners with skills that are complementary to those of real estate agents, buyer agents provide the purchaser who’s busy and on the move, the attention, counseling and assistance in the search and acquisition of real estate.

Three specific services characterize this profession :

Using the latest technology in mainstream multimedia, the buyer agent can transmit information quickly and reliably to their clients, via complete visiting reports fully supported by photo journals or video clips.

You have no time or are physically unavailable to search for your future housing, you've been transferred from one region to another, you would like to acquire a pied-a-terre or a vacation home, property, a vineyard, land or office space…

Call on an expert, a real estate professional who is exclusively dedicated to your project :
An FFCI buyer agent

The French federation of buyer agents (FFCI - Fédération Française des Chasseurs Immobiliers) regroups, supervises and represents buyer agents who practice the profession within the limits of an ethical charter and under the law number 70-9 dated, the 2nd of January 1970, which regulates the real estate profession, of which some excerpts are listed below :

Article 1

« The provisions of this law apply to all persons, physical or moral, who give themselves over to or give their aid on a regular basis, even as an accessory, to any transaction affecting the goods of others and relative to :
  1. The purchase, sale, exchange, leasing or sub-leasing, seasonal or otherwise, furnished or unfurnished, of existing buildings or those under construction ;
  2. The purchase, sale, or long-term lease of a business... »

Article 3

« The activities listed in Article 1 may not be exercised except by physical or moral persons holding a professional license that has been approved by the prefect and that lists which those transactions they may perform… »

Article 6

« …No goods, titles, stocks, or sums of money, either from sales commissions, research fees, administrative fees, marketing fees or mediation fees of any kind are due to the persons named in Article 1, nor may they be required or accepted by them, unless one of the transactions named in the aforesaid article has been effectively concluded and documented in a single, written act stating the agreement of the parties... »

Subject to this law, all registered members of the FFCI, having signed the buyer agent’s code of ethics are also subject to :

The FFCI buyer agent strives to become a prominent actor in the real estate environment by showing a true transparency and partnership, not only with clients but also with real estate professionals and public authorities.